Nathan’s Interview – How we manage our family’s work / life balance.



IMG_1195In a recent share in my Facebook page  about a man’s perspective from 3am Dad, it made me stop and think for a while. Then I got this great opportunity to speak to a Father of two boys on how his family manage work and life.

Last week, when our children were feral and fighting, we had the electrician (Nathan) at home.  As you do (so they don’t think you are a hopeless parent), you start asking them questions about whether or not they have children.  If they say yes, you breath a sigh of relief, because they can identify with whats going on in your house as you are trying to get everyone out the door.  

After some discussion, and finding out that Nathan’s wife worked, I asked him if she would like to do an interview with me regarding how she balances work and home life with two boys.

As I was asking some more questions, Nathan said that he would be happy to answer any questions I had about how they manage work and family.  

To give you a little background both Nathan and his wife work early in the morning, starting between 7 and 7.30 am.  They have one school aged child and another was at childcare.  After doing their research the option they choose was to get an au pair. 

To listen to the interview you can download it on click on the following link 20130417 091708

Nathan’s view of the success with this situation

  • Have your expectations down in black and white.

Thanks Nathan for your time and insights on how you and your family manage the work / life integration.





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