Changes to Parental Leave 1 July 2013.

Some of these changes to Parental Leave may be helpful for you in your workplace if you are thinking about or are already pregnant.

Photo: Praisaeng

Photo: Praisaeng


      • Women who are pregnant can transfer to a safe job (regardless of length of service), and if a safe job is not available then they will be entitled to unpaid leave (even if there is not entitlement to paid parental leave).
      • Your employees can now take special maternity leave without reducing the amount of unpaid parental leave.
      • Couple can take up to 8 weeks unpaid parental leave at the same time or in separate periods.  This is an increase of 5 weeks.
      • The amendments enable more employees to have the right to request flexible working arrangements e.g. employees who have caring responsibly, parents of guardians of school age or younger children, employees with disabilities, those over 55 years, or employees experiencing family violence or supporting a family / household who is.

The fact the changes are enabling more groups of employees the ability to request flexibility working arrangements is great news.

You can get more information on the changes the best source is to go to the FWAwebsite.

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