A HR professional with over 20 years experience advising and managing corporate teams across different industries, Melissa Behrend knows a thing or two about finding a job. But she also knows how it feels to be searching for career direction and inspiration after taking time out for her family:


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I’ve always loved my job. I love working with people. But when the time came to return to work after taking time out for my family, I found I’d lost my way. I knew I wanted and needed flexibility, but I didn’t know what I wanted to do. (And I knew lots of other women who felt the same way.)

Of course, I took to the internet and was overwhelmed by the amount information available. There was so much to wade through but none of really spoke to me about my situation – returning to work after choosing to spend an extended time away. It took me ages to discover the secret to finding the perfect job, but then I found it.


And now I’ve discovered the secret to success, I want to help other women discover it too.


Women Back to Work is about helping women find a job. But most importantly, it’s about giving you confidence and helping you discover how you can combine your unique skills, family and financial commitments with happiness, success and flair. Whether that’s returning to your old job, working part time, starting a new business or deciding not to return to work at all.


I hope you’ll read my Women Back to Work blog , take a look at the free job search resources or download the free sample of my book Women Back to Work to help you get started. And of course, I’d love to hear from you if you’d like more information on how I can help you manage life, work, fun, family and YOU!


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