Women Back to Work - The Guide to help you get back into the Workforce

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The time has come for you to make a choice – are you going back to work?  If you have decided, what do you do now? This book is going to help by showing you how.

If you have been out of the workforce for a number of years

  • is your CV up to date;   
  • do you know what jobs you want to go for;
  • do you have a suitable wardrobe;
  • do you have a plan to manage your family?

Then this is the book for you.  Women Back To Work will allow you to tap into your talents and shape them into an outcome which suits your individual circumstances.  It enables you to plan your job search very easily and provides checklists at the end of each chapter.

It explores different avenues for women who are requiring flexibility and provides alternatives to the main stream corporate jobs.

Confidence! Is this one of the biggest challenges you have in even making the decision.  How do you get your confidence back?

Balancing your family with your work is difficult.  There are some very easy tips on how you can you can ensure your transition into the workforce is less stressful.

In all this planning the one element you easily forget is You.  How can you still have time for yourself and be able to “get everything else done”.

And remember, you don’t have to do it alone.

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